If you’re interested in learning PowerShell Fundamentals, such as functions, variables and modules then this is the group for you. We will be looking not just a PowerShell but also WinOps / DevOps, what it is, how it works and how to work with it.

The group is aimed at those IT professionals who want to move their career on from traditional Windows point-and-click to automation using PowerShell and DevOps tools. But even if you’re not quite an IT professional but looking to move into that field you will find something in this group.

Unlike traditional technology groups we aim to learn the technologies but also share advice on careers and career progression. The traditional system administrator role is changing and in some cases being phased out completely so the more you prepare the more you will be prepared for when it happens in your organisation.

The group will aim to meet once every 2 months and offer a safe place for people everybody to make contacts, chat and talk about their mistakes or disasters openly. This group is a place for learning from your peers and growing in your knowledge and career.

The group is what all of the members make it and make of it.

The group is open to anybody, but we are focusing our efforts on the UK and Europe as they are closest to our home timezone of GMT.

If you are interested please contact us.