The internet is full of lists for every topic you could imagine. People offering their favourites, their essentials, and things to avoid. We’ve tried to bring a list of interesting resources for learning / training, articles, blogs, podcasts, social media accounts, tools and guides to give you somewhere to start. There are too many lists and too many opinions for any one of them to be definitive. So find a list of the best PowerShell, Devops and Winops resources that we’re aware of. Some we have used. Some have been recommended. But all of them will provide you will be helpful on your PowerShell or Devops / Winops journey whether you’re just starting or an old hand.

All of the lists are live so please leave a comment on any of the pages if the links go stale or if you have any changes or suggestions to make. This helps your fellow Coders!

Learning and Training

We’ve put together some of the most useful learning and training resources we could find. You’ll find books, videos, courses and articles on PowerShell Fundamentals, Advanced Scripting, Devops & Winops, Testing, DSC and many other topics here. If you’re looking to learn then this is a very good place to start.

Tools and Guides

During all of our travels across the PowerShell and Devops / Winops world we’ve come across code, tools and projects that we find useful or interesting. Below we’ve made an attempt to list some of the more interesting ones, unusual ones, popular ones and some you’ve unlikely to have heard of. I’ve avoided adding the famous ones. This is the list of the not-so famous.