We’ve put together some of the most useful learning and training resources we could find. You’ll find books, videos, courses and articles on PowerShell Fundamentals, Advanced Scripting, Devops & Winops, Testing, DSC and many other topics here. If you’re looking to learn then this is a very good place to start.

If you have any suggestions or changes for this list, leave us a comment below.

PowerShell Fundamentals

To get you started on your PowerShell journey we have a list of useful beginner resources that will give you the PowerShell fundamentals you need to establish a good grounding in the language. If you are new to PowerShell, or just need a reminder, this is a good place to start.

  • Why PowerShell?
    Ebook | Published: 12/05/2016 | Author: Don Jones
    Ever wonder why PowerShell is a thing, or find yourself having to explain it to someone else? Here’s a concise guide that does just that.
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

  • Windows PowerShell Documentation
    Contains a HUGE amount of information on Windows PowerShell direct from Microsoft.

  • Windows PowerShell Features
    A comprehensive list of PowerShell features and cmdlets from Active Directory to SCCM.

  • Learn PowerShell In A Month Of Lunches
    Book / Ebook | Published: 01/12/2016 | Authors: Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks
    This book walks you through PowerShell and provides just about everything you need to get down the basics of PowerShell. Most anyone that goes through this book comes out reading to automate.
    The book is also available at Amazon UKand you can also read samples of chapter 8 and chapter 14.

  • Windows PowerShell In Action
    Book / Ebook | Published: September 2017 | Authors: Bruce Payette and Richard Siddaway
    Windows PowerShell in Action is the definitive guide to PowerShell, now revised to cover PowerShell 6. This rich book offers a crystal-clear introduction to the language along with its essential everyday use cases. Beyond the basics, you’ll find detailed examples on deep topics like performance, module architecture, and parallel execution.
    The book is also available from Amazon UK and you can read samples of chapter 1 and chapter 11.

  • Windows PowerShell Cookbook
    Book | Published: 20/01/2013 | Author: Lee Holmes
    This introduction to the PowerShell language and scripting environment provides more than 400 task-oriented recipes to help you solve all kinds of problems. Intermediate to advanced system administrators will find more than 100 tried-and-tested scripts they can copy and use immediately.

  • Getting Started With PowerShell
    Video Course | Published: 30/07/2013 | Presenters: Jason Helmick and Jeffrey Snover | Length: 9 modules - 6 hours approx.
    This course was created during the time of PowerShell 3.0 but is still very relevant for current versions. It was designed to teach busy IT professionals, admins, and help desk personnel about how to use PowerShell to improve management capabilities, automate redundant tasks, and manage the environment in scale.

  • The Big Book Of PowerShell Gotchas
    Ebook | Published: 12/05/2016 | Author: Don Jones
    PowerShell is full of “gotchas” - little things that just get in your way and are hard to figure out on your own. This short book is intended to help you figure them out and avoid them.
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

  • The Big Book of PowerShell Error Handling
    Ebook | Published: 06/01/2017 | Author: Don Jones
    Despite the title, this is actually a very small, concise book designed to help you understand how PowerShell generates and deals with errors. It’s also designed to help you build the best possible error handling for your own scripts and functions, in just a few short lessons.
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

  • The Monad Manifesto
    Ebook | Published: 13/05/2016 | Author: Don Jones
    The Monad Manifesto is the original Jeffrey Snover-authored document that results in the Windows PowerShell we know today. This version includes community-contributed annotations, notes, and expansions. This is not a required read to be able to learn or understand PowerShell but does give the background on how the language evolved and what are the mechanics of how it works.
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

  • Creating Enums In PowerShell
    Blog Post | Published: 20/07/2017 | Author: Paul Broadwith
    Enums are not the commonly used data type in PowerShell but I was recently reminded of how simple and useful they really are. And they got some love in PowerShell 5!
    Also see the post on Working With Enums In PowerShell

  • Mastering PowerShell Tricks
    Kindle & Book | Published 09/02/17 | Authors: Dave Kawula, Thomas Rayner, Sean Kearney, Allan Rafuse, Mick Pletcher and Ed Wilson
    North American MVPDays Community Roadshow The purpose of this book is to showcase the amazing expertise of our guest speakers at the North American MVPDays Community Roadshow. They have so much passion, expertise, and expert knowledge that it only seemed fitting to write it down in a book.
    Kindle version of this book is free.

Advanced PowerShell

  • Advanced Tools and Scripting with PowerShell
    Video Course | Published: 13/08/2013 | Author: Jason Helmick and Jeffrey Snover | Length: 9 modules - 6 hours approx.
    While this course was created for PowerShell 3.0 it’s still very relevant for current versions of PowerShell. You’ll learn the best patterns and practices for building PowerShell scripts and maintaining tools, and you’ll pick up some special tips and tricks along the way.

  • Learn PowerShell Toolmaking In A Month Of Lunches
    Book / Ebook | Published: 01/12/2012 | Author: Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks
    Another older resource but a great one and still relevant today. Packed with hands-on labs to reinforce what you’re learning, just set aside one hour a day—lunchtime would be perfect—for each self-contained lesson. You’ll move quickly through core scripting concepts and start working on four real-world, practical tools.ror handling and debugging.
    The book is also available at Amazon UK and you can also read samples of Chapter13 and Chapter 20.

  • Windows PowerShell Best Practices
    Book | Published: 06/01/2014 | Author: Ed Wilson
    Automate system administration using Windows PowerShell best practices—and optimize your operational efficiency. With this practical guide, Windows PowerShell expert and instructor Ed Wilson delivers field-tested tips, real-world examples, and candid advice culled from administrators across a range of business and technical scenarios. If you’re an IT professional with Windows PowerShell experience, this book is ideal.

  • Writing a Windows PowerShell Cmdlet
    It will help you understand how cmdlets work, it provides sample code that you can use to start writing cmdlets, and it includes tutorials that you can use to learn the fundamentals behind the cmdlet code.

  • .NET Regular Expressions
    Regular expressions provide a powerful, flexible, and efficient method for processing text. The extensive pattern-matching notation of regular expressions enables you to quickly parse large amounts of text to find specific character patterns; to validate text to ensure that it matches a predefined pattern (such as an e-mail address); to extract, edit, replace, or delete text substrings; and to add the extracted strings to a collection in order to generate a report. For many applications that deal with strings or that parse large blocks of text, regular expressions are an indispensable tool.
    You can also find the .NET Regular Expression Language - Quick Reference

  • Creating HTML Reports in PowerShell
    Ebook | Published: 11/05/2016 | Author: Don Jones
    Learn to create beautifully formatted, multi-section HTML reports in PowerShell!
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

  • Secrets of PowerShell Remoting
    Ebook | Published: 27/12/2016 | Author: Don Jones
    Introduced in Windows PowerShell 2.0, Remoting is one of PowerShell’s most useful, and most important, core technologies. It enables you to run almost any command that exists on a remote computer, opening up a universe of possibilities for bulk and remote administration. Remoting underpins other technologies, including Workflow, Desired State Configuration, certain types of background jobs, and much more. This guide isn’t intended to be a complete document of what Remoting is and does, although it does provide a good introduction. Instead, this guide is designed to document all the little configuration details that don’t appear to be documented elsewhere.
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

  • Windows PowerShell Networking Guide
    Ebook | Published: 12/05/2016 | Author: Don Jones
    Created by Microsoft’s “The Scripting Guy,” Ed Wilson, this guide helps you understand how PowerShell can be used to manage the networking aspects of your server and client computers.
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

  • A Unix Person’s Guide to PowerShell
    Ebook | Published: 12/05/2016 | Author: Don Jones
    This e-book is intended as a ‘Quick Start’ guide to PowerShell for people who already know Bash or one of the other Unix shells.
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

  • Ditch Excel: Making Historical & Trend Reports in PowerShell
    Ebook | Published: 13/05/2016 | Author: Don Jones
    Automating Excel is difficult in PowerShell, but it’s the only way to get cool-looking reports that have graphs and stuff, right? Wrong: it’s time to take the easy road, ditch Excel, and produce automated, beautiful reports the RIGHT way.
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

PowerShell Core

  • PowerShell Core for Linux Admins
    Video Course | Author: Shahan Karim | Length: 7 modules - 6 hours appox.
    A course specifically aimed at Linux Admins wanting to learn about PowerShell Core. This is a paid course but the site offers an unlimited 7 day trial so if you’re a quick learner you should be able to get through it for free.

DevOps and Winops

  • DevOps: The Ops Perspective
    Ebook | Published: 12/05/2016 | Author: Don Jones
    “DevOps” is such a popular term these days - but what’s it actually mean to an Ops person? This high-level book attempts to put DevOps into perspective with real-world examples and descriptions.
    This book is also available on Leanpub and is part of the Devops Collective

  • Become a DevOps High Performer with Gene Kim
    On-Demand Webinar | Author: Gene Kim, William Holtz and Sam Guckenheimer | Length: 48 minutes
    Gene is the author of The Devops Handbook and The Phoenix Project. To get access to this webinar you need to sign up through the Microsoft website. At less than an hour this is a good lunchtime watch.


  • The Pester Book
    Ebook | Published: 20/02/2017 | Author: Don Jones and Adam Bertram
    Pester is a unit-testing framework for PowerShell, and perhaps the first open-source software product that ships with Windows itself! This book is in progress so you buy what is currently available and then will get free updates as the book is completed.
    The book is also at Amazon UK where it is listed but not currently available.

Product Specific


Desired State Configuration (DSC)

  • Getting Started with PowerShell Desired State Configuration
    Video Course | Published: 19/03/2015 | Author: Jason Helmick and Jeffrey Snover | Length: 7 modules - 6 hours approx.
    Watch this for an in-depth, action-packed, and demo-rich exploration of DSC. Using DSC as your management platform, control the deployment, management, maintenance, and configuration of your environment today and prepare yourself for new scenarios around cloud solutions. Plus, learn to create custom resources for your own apps.

  • The DSC Book
    Ebook | Published: 06/05/2017 | Authors: Don Jones and Melissa Januszko
    The DSC Book is designed to help you understand how DSC works, and how you can use it in a variety of scenarios. You should already be very familiar with coding advanced functions (“script cmdlets”) in PowerShell. The practices and approaches presented in the book come from real-world engagements and experiences, and will continue to evolve over time as more and more people engage with DSC. Those “over time” learnings will be incorporated into the book, hopefully making it the last DSC book you’ll ever need to buy.

  • Writing Windows PowerShell DSC Resources and Configurations
    Video | Published 03/05/2015 | Authors: Kenneth Hansen and Narayanan Lakshmanan | Length: 1.25 hours
    PowerShell DSC Resources are the key to lighting up Desired State Configuration. This session showcases techniques for developing and publishing compelling PowerShell DSC resources and configurations using best practices and tools.


  • PowerShell for SQL Database Professionals
    Video Course | Published: 30/06/2016 | Author: Chris Randall and Michael Fal | Length: 4 modules - 3 hours approx.
    This course is for SQL DBA’s who want to know the background of PowerShell, and learn PowerShell basics, such as how to get help, use cmdlets, and load modules, task automation and configuration, and learn how to provision, deploy, and manage SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines and Azure SQL Database. Plus, see how to use the SQLPS module to administer SQL Server, both on-premises and in Azure Virtual Machines.


  • VMware CLI Documentation
    VMware PowerCLI is a command-line and scripting tool built on Windows PowerShell, and provides more than 600 cmdlets for managing and automating vSphere, vCloud, vRealize Operations Manager, and VMware Horizon environments.
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