I hope you’re enjoying the good Scottish sunshine. But no Scottish summer would be complete without some rain. That’s why our country is so green, after all.

We had amazing success last month with 100% attendance (which is apparently unheard of in user group circles) at our first ever face to face meetup at the Incremental Group. This month we are hoping to reproduce that success with our June meetup, which is again another special one as we will be having a partly joint meeting with the SQL Glasgow User Group on Thursday 28th June. Our usual day for meeting is the last Wednesday of the month but this month it’s Thursday.


For this month, as I mentioned, we are doing a partly joint meetup with SQL Glasgow. Let me explain what I mean by ‘partly joint’. The first hour of the meetup we will separate and we will do our talks in the same room as last month (numbers permitting)! We will then come together for a joint talk at 7.50pm.

EDIT: Agenda updated 27 June 2018

  • 6.00pm - Arrive, Mingle

  • 6.15pm - Introduction

  • 6.20pm - Getting Started: SharePoint PowerShell PnP by Veronique Lengelle [t]|b]
    Introducing PowerShell PnP for admins, what it’s for and how it can help admins dealing with simple SharePoint tasks when they’re not a developer.

  • 6.50pm - Either Git Fundamentals or Messing Around With Chocolatey by Paul Broadwith [t][b]
    I will leave it up to the room to decide on the night. Git Fundamentals is a talk I’ve given in the past and is an hour long so I will need to skip a lot of the content. Messing Around With Chocolatey is not a talk but in actual fact us just messing around with Chocolatey. This came from me talking to people about Chocolatey and realising how many have never heard from it. It ties nicely in with PowerShell and will save you a lot of time at home and at work. It’s not a sales pitch!

  • 7.20pm - Pizza, drinks and chat

  • 7.50pm - Simplifying Extended Events with PowerShell by Chrissy LeMaire [t][b]
    Chrissy is the creator of dbatools, a fantastic speaker and a huge presence in the SQL community. She is a PowerShell MVP and I am genuinely humbled to have her speak with us this month. This remote talk (all the way from Belgium) has a SQL bias but is useful to both the SQL and PowerShell groups.

  • 8.50pm - Thank You’s

For the 6.50pm slot I am looking at you! Do you have a 30 minute talk you want to give? Veronique is a new speaker and we are very grateful to be the first group she has ever spoken for so we would be honoured if we had two first time speakers on the same night. That would be awesome.

Once I have confirmed the 6.50pm and 7.50pm slots I will update you all.

Grab your tickets now from Meetup. And bring a friend (although make sure you grab a ticket for them too as we need to know numbers)!


You can find the Incremental Group on the 5th floor of the Garment Factory, 10 Montrose Street, Glasgow, G1 1RE. NOTE: Google Maps is showing Incremental Group as near the Trongate which is incorrect. Search for the address and not Incremental Group.

Montrose street is just off of George Square and equi-distant of Queen Street and High Street train stations with a 5 minute walk. Glasgow Central and Argyle Street are around a 10 minute walk. When you get there press the buzzer on the small door to the left of the main doors.

Group Organisers

As you know I founded the group back in April 2017. After working on our joint The PowerShell Standards Agency talk which we will present next week at SQL Grillen, Craig Porteous offered to co-organise the group with me. I’ve known Craig for almost a year now after helping out with SQL GLA last year and I know the passion and dedication he has to both SQL GLA and the SQL Glasgow group. I’m very grateful to Craig for the work he has already done for the group and looking forward to working with him in the future.

Conference Call & YouTube Channel

As we are meeting in person we will not be participating on a conference call and this will be the case going forward for all face to face meetups. We will however continue to (try) and broadcast the meetups on our YouTube channel. As I’ve said, this will be the first face to face meetup so I am anticipating some teething problems, primarily with getting a good stream to YouTube. Last month we were not able to broadcast but we will try again this month.

… and finally …

The group is always in need of speakers so if you have a topic you’d like to talk about, whether that be a problem you have come across that you solved with PowerShell or a DevOps project you are working on that you’d like to share, please contact us.

See you on Thursday!

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