The presentations, slides, code and resources for this meetup are now available

Here we are in March already!

And a new month means a new meetup, albeit a little earlier this month. The meetups are organised for the last Wednesday of each month but I have had to schedule this months meeting a week early.


Because of the weather Mathias Jessen could not join us on our online call last month. But he has agreed to join us for this months call:

  • 7.00pm - Introduction and News
  • 7.15pm - RTFM - Runtime Type Fiddling for the Masses by Mathias Jessen (@iisresetme)
    “One of PowerShell’s core strength comes from the Extended Type System, which allows users to seamlessly interact with different data types like .NET, WMI, COM, XML etc. But what about the underlying type system, that of .NET? Let’s take an adventure into the Common Type System and see what we can do to overcome some of the limitations imposed by ETS and PowerShell”
  • 8.15pm - Break
  • 8.20pm - All About PowerShell ScriptAnalyzer by Chris Bergmeister (@CBergmeister)
  • 9.30pm - Thank You’s

The meeting will start at 7pm sharp this month and I’d like to hear from some of you on what you have been doing with PowerShell or WinOps / DevOps this month. So bring along a story (or two) on what you’ve been doing. Doesn’t have to be work related, just PowerShell related!

Grab your tickets now from Eventbrite.

Switching to Eventbrite For Organising Meetings

As a reminder (and I will keep reminding you until April), we are switching away from Meetup to Eventbrite for organising meetings. So I need you to subscribe to group update emails. This allows us to keep you up to date on news with the group including meetings. If you don’t do this we won’t be able to let you know when meetings are taking place.

YouTube Channel

We will be streaming every meetup live on our YouTube channel.

… and finally …

The group is always in need of speakers so if you have a topic you’d like to talk about, whether that be a problem you have come across that you solved with PowerShell or a DevOps project you are working on that you’d like to share, please contact us.

See you on Wednesday!

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