We have another amazing lineup for you this month!



  • 7.00pm - Introduction and News;

  • 7.30pm - Monitoring DFSR with PowerShell and Nagios by Tony Roud;

  • 8.15pm - Managing Power BI dataset refreshes with PowerShell by Craig Porteous;

  • 8.55pm - Thank You’s;

Grab your tickets now from Meetup. And bring a friend (although make sure you grab a ticket for them too as we need to know numbers)!

Conference Call & YouTube Channel

As we are meeting in person we will not be participating on a conference call and this will be the case going forward for all face to face meetups. We will however continue to (try) and broadcast the meetups on our YouTube channel. As I’ve said, this will be the first face to face meetup so I am anticipating some teething problems, primarily with getting a good stream to YouTube. Last month we were not able to broadcast but we will try again this month.

… and finally …

The group is always in need of speakers so if you have a topic you’d like to talk about, whether that be a problem you have come across that you solved with PowerShell or a DevOps project you are working on that you’d like to share, please contact us.

See you on Thursday!

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