Our last workshop with Jaap Brasser was a hit with all attendees and it got us thinking. Could we do another workshop?

Well, yes, yes we can.

Jan-Hendrik Peters will be in Scotland in October and has asked if he can come along and present to our group! We, of course said YES!

Jan-Hendrik[t] is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer from Dusseldorf, Germany and has presented at PSConf.EU this year with Hands-on JEA and Hybrid Lab Automation both with Raimund Andree. He is also an active contributor to the Automated Lab project which is part of what his workshop will cover.


Let’s take a look at what will be covered and what you will learn from this awesome workshop.

  • Introduction to DSC:
    We cover the history of DSC, the key components and the what the building blocks of a DSC configuration are;
  • Push vs Pull:
    You will gain an understanding of both modes and the differences, when to use one over the other and the new Windows Server 2019 way of doing things vs the current implementation and setup a pull server from scratch;
  • DSC In A Release Pipeline:
    Find out how to use DSC in a release pipeline;
  • Advanced DSC:
    Learn advanced techniques for using DSC in a release pipeline and work through an actual customer scenario using this approach and get started generating configuration at a larger scale;

Tickets are limited to 20, yes that’s right. The workshop is limited to 20 people only!

What will you need?

All of the labs will be hosted on Azure (thanks to Jan-Hendrik!), which means you’ll just need to bring a laptop that has a browser! Operating system doesn’t matter.

When and where is it?

The workshop will take place at our usual venue thanks to the incredible Incremental Group, between 10am and 4pm on Sunday 21st of October.

You can find the Incremental Group on the 5th floor of the Garment Factory, 10 Montrose Street, Glasgow, G1 1RE. NOTE: Google Maps is showing Incremental Group as near the Trongate which is incorrect. Search for the address and not Incremental Group.

Montrose street is just off of George Square and equidistant of Queen Street and High Street train stations with a 5 minute walk. Glasgow Central and Argyle Street are around a 10 minute walk. When you get there press the buzzer on the small door to the left of the main doors.

Okay, I’m sold. How do I register?

Just a reminder, the workshop is limited to 20 people. Only people with a ticket will be able to come along and work with a seasoned Microsoft Premier Field Engineer. This is not an opportunity that comes along every day so make sure you grab your ticket from Meetup as quickly as possible!

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