The year is getting on. Summer is almost over. Xmas is coming into view, and a fantastic evening event is coming to you soon. Three Glasgow user groups are lining up to provide a joint meetup on Wednesday the 24th October crossing all 3 subject areas:

  • Glasgow Azure User Group
  • Glasgow SQL User Group
  • Scottish PowerShell & DevOps User Group

This isn’t only a great opportunity to network across different tech disciplines, we’ll have a 5-minute introduction from each group, explaining the content they cover and when they meet.

We’ll also have a collection of 10-minute lightning talks, giving everyone snippets of the usual fantastic technical content from each group as well as a chance to hear something new.

We want to get the community involved and hear what people are working on, or a topic they are passionate about! To do this, we want NEW speakers! We’ll team you up with speakers and group leaders from the groups you know who will also be contributing a lightning talk too:

  • Speakers from the Glasgow Azure User Group will be teamed up with Sarah and Gregor;
  • Speakers from the Glasgow SQL User Group will be teamed up with Craig and Robert;
  • Speakers from the Scottish PowerShell & DevOps User Group will be teamed up with Paul, Craig and Veronique.

So if you’ve always wanted to speak but not been sure how to get started, or afraid to take the leap, you can now have somebody you know (and I’d hope trust!) help you along the way. And it’s only 10 minutes! There’s the usual beer and pizza too!

This event does not take place without speakers so speak (pun intended) up and let us know if you’re interested in speaking for 10 minutes on the day. Topics can be anything related to the three groups. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Why PowerShell is AWESOME!
  • PowerShell + DevOps = WinOps;
  • How I solved problem X;
  • How X works in practice;
  • etc….;

You don’t have to consider yourself an expert, often experience is what people are looking for, or even in-experience is great to help others steer the obstacles you came across!

All speakers will get a goody bag for stepping up and the chance to win a brand new CAR!!

So sign up here.

If you want to speak, please submit your talk via Sessionize.

P.S. There is no car.

P.P.S. I really mean it. There is no car. Stop asking about the car!

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