The presentations, slides, code and resources for this meetup are now available

The October meetup has just been announced on the Glasgow group page! So save 7pm on Tuesday 31 October in your diary and come along.


Our agenda so far is:

  • 7:05 - Introduction

  • 7.10 - PowerShell and Devops news and events roundup

  • 7.30 - Presentation & Talk
    Hardening your Azure Webapp and Database Deployments Lifecycle by Ebru Cucen (@ebrucucen).
    “We can do WebApp and Database Deployments are in 5 minutes, easy right? But getting it right requires a bit of thinking and work. In this session I’ll do a demo on how to use Certificates and AD Authentication to get WebApps talking to Database and how end to end automation can be done with TeamCity and Octopus with the day saver PowerShell.”

  • 8.15 - Questions and thank you’s

We only have one talk this month so a quicker than usual meeting. Happy to extend the time for chat or questions at the end.

I aim for two talks each month but recruiting speakers is difficult so getting Ebru to speak with us is a bit of a coup (or coo if you’re from Scotland). If you have a talk that you’d like to present to the group then please let me know. The only condition - it’s PowerShell or DevOps related - of course.

Which brings me nicely to…

What I Need From You

Running the group is very time consuming. I have the:

And probably other things that I’ve forgotten. While most of this has been automated (including the site updates being compiled automatically using Visual Studio Team Services build tasks - more on that in the future) it still takes a lot of time. I’m trying to make you feel sorry for me and guilt you into helping! Let’s see if it’s worked.

So to help me cope with all of that I am looking for volunteers to help me out. The three areas I need help with are:

  1. Speakers.
    We will, with few exceptions, be meeting once per month and in keeping with other groups I’d like to have two speakers per meeting. Gathering speakers is incredibly time consuming and the more time put in, the more successful we will be. So I need help gathering speakers external to the group and encouraging speakers internal to the group. Of all levels.;

  2. Promotion.
    As I mentioned above I have a number of different social media platforms that the group is promoted on but the numbers to the meetings have not been as great as they could have been. So I need help with further promotion of the group and encouraging participation within the group. The group is only as successful as it’s members.

  3. Venues.
    The Glasgow group is going to move from being online to being a face to face meetup as soon as we have a venue. The Edinburgh group will be face to face when it starts and the Fundamentals group will be always online. So I need venues in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’ve had a few suggestions for the Glasgow groups (thank you to everybody who provided me with details) but they unfortunately could not accommodate us. So I am still looking for a venue:

    • in both Glasgow and Edinburgh which is easily accessible and has some parking nearby,
    • for up to 10 people (being realistic given the number of participants online),
    • that can accommodate us for 2 hours between 6pm and 9pm (either 6 to 8 or 7 to 9),
    • on the last Tuesday of the month for the Glasgow group (yet to be decided for the Edinburgh group).

If you can help out with gathering speakers, promotion and either know of any venues or willing to help me find them then please let me know. The groups will not survive without help so any help is gratefully appreciated.

PowerShell Fundamentals User Group

I’ve spoken about this a number of times in the past and I also mentioned it above. I have now scheduled a meeting of the PowerShell and DevOps Fundamentals User Group for 12 December. The meeting is limited to 25 members and I’ve listed the description as:

If you’re interested in learning PowerShell Fundamentals, such as functions, variables and modules then this is the group for you. We will be looking nto just a PowerShell but also WinOps / DevOps, what it is, how it works and how to work with it.

The group is aimed at those IT professionals who want to move their career on from traditional Windows point-and-click to automation using PowerShell and DevOps tools. But even if you’re not quite an IT professional but looking to move into that field you will find something in this group.

Unlike traditional technology groups we aim to learn the technologies but also share advice on careers and career progression. The traditional system administrator role is changing and in some cases being phased out completely so the more you prepare the more you will be prepared for when it happens in your organisation.

The group will aim to meet once every 2 months and offer a safe place for people everybody to make contacts, chat and talk about their mistakes or disasters openly. This group is a place for learning from your peers and growing in your knowledge and career.

The group is what all of the members make it and make of it.

The group is open to anybody, but we are focusing our efforts on the UK and Europe as they are closest to our home timezone of GMT.

Find out about the group and join on Eventbrite.

Book Winner

In August I asked everybody to complete a survey and a name would be picked at random for a copy of The Pester Book by Don Jones and Adam Bertram. As there was no meeting in September I didn’t announce that the winner was - Colin Westwater! Thank you to everybody who completed the survey. We’ll discuss the results at the next meeting.

How To Stay Up To Date

Finally a reminder of how you can stay up to date with the groups:

See you on Tuesday!

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