Due to me being ill during part of September it’s been quiet on the announcement front. Let me remind everybody how they can find out more about the group and then talk about what’s been happening.

  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Slack - (NOTE that the current link is not working; if you want to join the slack channel please let me know and I will arrange that)

Glasgow / Edinburgh Groups

My goal with the group was to have it as a Scottish group covering the whole of Scotland. That means no matter whether you were in Shetland or the Borders you could actually join in with the group online. My plans were ambitious but achievable. However, with the exception of one person (in Aberdeen) nobody outside of Central Scotland attends the online meetings. As the Survey Results indicated (more on those to follow in future messages) people would prefer face to face meetups than online ones. So I need to focus on providing that.

To do this I need to rebrand the current group as the Glasgow PowerShell & Devops User Group and create a new Edinburgh PowerShell & Winops User Group. If you’re a member of the Glasgow one (formerly the Scottish one) and would prefer to move over to the Edinburgh please do so.

Announcements will still be made to both groups but obviously specific area announcements will be kept to their own group.

The aim for the next meeting of both groups will be face to face and I am aiming to have the first meeting of the Edinburgh group before the end of the year.


As the groups are moving to being face to face meetings I need a venue. The Glasgow group seem to be centred on the south-side of Glasgow (where that is working / living) so I’m looking for a venue in that Paisley -> Glasgow corridor. If you know of any venue that is ‘cost effective’, has a screen / wall and projector and room for around 10-12 people (I’m being optimistic I know! :)) then please let me know.

The Edinburgh group is dependent on venue but more importantly numbers. I want to let the group grow a little before committing to anything but I would like to meet before the end of the year. Again though we need a venue, same criteria for Glasgow. Please let me know if you of any venue that might be suitable.

PowerShell Fundamentals Group

I’ve talked about this group for some time now and the interest has been positive so I’ve decided to put it together. If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of PowerShell and Devops, or thing it would be of benefit to a friend or colleague, then find out more at the Eventbrite event. The group is aimed at those who want to get a good fundamental knowledge of PowerShell, DevOps and WinOps. If you’re more experienced then this may not be the group for you however we would love you to come along as a speaker and help others get to your level. The meetings for this group will only ever be online due to the potentially dispersed membership.

Because Meetup.com are aimed at face to face meetups in a particular area I have created the event on Eventbrite - PowerShell and WinOps Fundamentals User Group which allows me to target a larger geographical area. This also allows me to trial Eventbrite as a service to use in the future - for our group the service is free as opposed to Meetup.com which is approximately $10 per month - and also to cast our net wider for this group to cover anybody but particularly those in the UK and Europe that match our GMT timezone.


All of this brings me to this. We now have three groups which may seem like overkill on the surface but I hope I’ve explained why they now exist and why they are needed. Simon Bromberger has kindly agree to offer his help with the Edinburgh group but that leaves me with a request to help out with the Glasgow and the Fundamentals group. The areas I need help with are:

  • Promotion of the groups;
  • Keeping the Facebook page up to date with relevant posts and information;
  • Finding venues for the Glasgow and Edinburgh groups;
  • Encouraging, cajoling and prodding people to become speakers at all events and / or finding speakers;

These groups are not mine so they belong to all of us. And we get out of them what we put in.


This brings me again (you’d think I’d planned this) to the topic of speakers. I’ve spoken at two meetings and Colin Westwater kindly spoke at a meeting. Like all groups, we need speakers. This can be anything from a 5 minutes to an hour. All we ask is that you have some slides (so we can look at something) and it be PowerShell, DevOps / WinOps related. Remember none of us are professional speakers, we are all here to learn and the confidence and experience you will gain from just one talk can really help in your current job and your future career. If you need any help or advice then please get in touch.


I’ve updated the website with e-learning, training, blogs, podcasts, modules, tools, guides and a whole host of other interesting topics on PowerShell, DevOps and WinOps. Find it at https://psdevopsug.scot/library. This is an area I hope to try and expand on as it’s been really interesting for me to even just put together!

Next Meetings

Next meeting for the Glasgow group will, I hope, be Tuesday 31 October. This is all dependent on a venue as I mentioned above. I plan to make it the last Tuesday of each month.

The Edinburgh group is as I said above, but will hopefully be by the end of the year.

But just to remind you again what I said regarding venues. Please let me know if you are aware of a suitable venue.

And FINALLY if you are interested in a $30 discount on the Windows PowerShell In Action, Third Edition that’s just been released then head over to the Facebook page. Deal ends on 4 October so do it quick!

That’s all for the time being. Please check out the new areas of the website and let me know if you have anything to add or change. I will come back to you all with survey results shortly and if you have any other suggestions or ideas for the group please let me know.



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