After the success of our first workshop I’ve been keen to put on another one. We have the opportunity to have a workshop in late October or beginning of November on DSC and AutomatedLab from … somebody from Microsoft. Let’s keep it a secret just now ….

However the date for this workshop will be different from the last one in that we have weekdays or a Sunday available. To find out what you would prefer I’ve put together a very quick survey to gather your preferences. However, I need the results by 5pm on 24th July (which is tomorrow!).

Can I ask you all to select one or more options from the survey to let me know? I do know some of you will be concerned at taking a work day off to come to the workshop but remember this is FREE training. Let me say that again, FREE TRAINING from a Microsoft employee. That doesn’t happen in Scotland all that often so let’s take advantage of the opportunity and support it. But to convince your employer we will making available detailed information on what you will gain from the course to take to them.

So once again and yes I’m labouring the point but it is very important, please complete the very quick survey by 5pm tomorrow, 24 July.

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